Automated (or not) event creation !

Infinight offers you two ways to insert events on its platforms, here is a little explanation.
Automated creation (recommended)

If by chance you publish your events on Facebook, you just have to connect to our professional space with the same account that is administrator of your page so that all those are automatically added on infinight.

This option allows you to save considerable time if the work has already been done on Facebook. Of course, you can change the event information at any time!

Events are normally imported every 24 hours!

Manual addition

If you are not active on Facebook or if you think that the events published on infinight deserves a particular attention (we also !), you can very well publish them by using the suggestion form which is in the professional space !

Once added, they will be validated by the infinight team within 24 hours.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us .

How to manage the entry?

You’ve created your tickets on infinight and the day of the event is fast approaching, it’s time to get ready for D-Day!

Thanks to our fully automated technology, the input management is done as follows:

    1. Download the check-in application on IOS or Android !
    2. Log in with your infinight business account !
    3. Go to the event in question and if you have volunteers, allow them to connect using the QR code of that event (button at the top right). This will only give them access to this event (without giving your access)!
    4. When customers arrive with a ticket purchased online, simply scan their QR code and their entry is registered! Remember to turn on the flash in the dark !
    5. If by chance the scanner would not work or you want to keep your battery, you can find the list of customers by pressing the magnifying glass icon. From there, you can also validate customer inputs (and potential outputs)!
If you have any questions, please contact us at contact us at !

How to sell your tickets online?

This short guide explains the ticket creation process (estimated time: 3 minutes).
Why e-ticketing?

Online ticketing has many advantages, the first of which is to increase sales. You can find the details in our article about it.

Practical Guide

There is nothing simpler than creating a ticket on infinight, here are the few steps to follow :

    1. Connect to the professional area and enter the “ticketing” tab.
    2. Press “create ticket” and choose the event for which you want to create a ticket. If you haven’t created it yet, press the “create event” button and return after completing the event creation process.
    3. Fill in your ticket details and proceed to the next step. Regarding the status of your ticket, it will be available for purchase only if you choose the status “open”.
    4. Fix ticket price, currency and to whom service charges will be passed on.
    5. Check the information and validate the ticket (you can change it at any time after this step) !
    6. The purchased tickets will appear on the “entrance list” page that you will now find in the ticketing tab. You can then refund them in case of cancellation or contact the buyer.
    7. The day of the event, just download our check-in application to manage the entries (check-in application guide).


  • Que means the option “Actively pay by invoice/on the spot” ?
    • If you enable this option, users will be able to book their ticket without paying for it immediately. They will only get them if you approve the payment through the pro space.
  • What is the utility of the option “invoice” ?
    • For classic tickets, it can allow you to organize pre-sales in cash, simply enter the customer’s details and validate the payment immediately once the money is given.
    • It also allows your guests to pay on invoice for large “charity gala” events.For tables, this allows customers to pay on the spot, in case they do not have a credit card.
  • What if my event is cancelled ?
      • No panic, you can reimburse your customers in full in a few clicks from the professional area. If you are experiencing difficulties, just
        contact us


  • What are the statuses “closed” and “hidden”?
    • The hidden status will simply hide your ticket on all purchase platforms, while the closed status will display the ticket without being able to order it.
  • What does “Picatic fee is absorbed by the customer” mean ?
    • If this option is selected, the 2.5% service charge is reflected in the final ticket price for the customer. Therefore, selling tickets online costs you nothing and only makes you save money (paper, time, staff, etc.) and the difference for customers is minimal.


Any more questions? Do not hesitate to contact us by email or by chat !

Sell tables through infinight

Telephone calls falling on the answering machine, unanswered messages or exhaustion of available tables, it is often difficult to book a table in a nightclub. This is how infinight revolutionizes this process!
The concept

The managers of establishments can in a few minutes make available tables for sale, allowing their customers to book in a few clicks from the infinight application, the website or any social network.


To create a table on infinight, just:

  1. Go to the “tables” tab of the professional area,
  2. Select whether the table should be linked to a specific event (ex: showcase) or to the establishment (ex: every Friday).
  3. If the table is not linked to any particular event, its recurrence must be chosen. This will create the table only once for each day/week/month!
  4. Fill in the necessary fields (description, number of people allowed, bottles included, etc.). Please check which day and time you wish to stop the sale! !
  5. Fix the table price and choose if you want to activate the cash payment on the spot. This does not change the infinight charges, but can allow you to reach people who do not have a credit card! You must also choose if the infinight fees (“service fee”) are deferred on the total amount charged to your customer or if you assume it entirely.
  6. Check the information and validate your table !
  7. You will be notified by email in case of reservation, please contact the customer or cancel his reservation (“refund”) if you can not honor the reservation.

We recommend creating recurring tables over a long period of time (for example one year), in order to minimize the time spent on this task.

Feel free to lower prices or make promotional offers on tables sold online. Indeed, they have the same positive effects as tickets sold in pre-sale.

How and why engage your community on infinight?

Infinight allows you to engage your community without having to create your own mobile application, this guide aims to help you through this process.
Infinight allows you to engage your community without having to create your own mobile application, this guide aims to help you through this process.
The concept

Infinight allows you to send PUSH notifications to your followers, i.e. messages displayed on the smartphone like a Whatsapp message. Unlike traditional broadcast channels (Instagram, Faceboook, website), a notification allows you to interact with your community in a direct and much more powerful way. Normally,

How to send a notification to followers ?

To do so, simply go to the “notifications” tab of your professional space, click on “create a notification”, select “follower notification” and fill in the necessary fields!
Note that you can link the notification to your institution or to a specific event, the difference will be the page the user comes across when they click on the notification.
Once created, the notification will be validated by the infinight team and will be sent to all your followers!

I have few or no followers, what should I do?

Don’t panic, like any marketing strategy, you have to give it the time and the means to work! The success of notifications depends solely on your will, here are some ways to earn followers on infinight and engage your own community :

  • Incite your community on your social networks to follow you on infinight using the link we make available to you under the tab “establishment”
  • Print and paste QR code in your establishment (available under the tab “establishment”)
  • Sell tickets and tables on the application (clients becoming followers)
  • Create promotional offers on the platform, users will be interested to follow your news
  • Improve the visual of your page (photos, description, video)
Need help? Contact us !


Why sell tickets online?

For several years now, most major events have completely or partially migrated their ticketing to an online solution. What are the benefits of selling online? Discover them in this summary !

Online ticket sales essentially allow you to:

Offer a service to your customers

First of all, you have to understand that buying tickets online is a service you provide to your customers. Many people find it more convenient to order their tickets in advance and online. In addition, online ticket sales give a positive image for an event.

Benefit from the advantages of pre-sales

Selling tickets online allows you to make pre-sales for each of your events. Beyond the fact that you could use the money generated before the day of the event, pre-sales can increase the income generated by the fact that ticket holders will convince their friends/family to go to the event, thus creating a mouth-to-mouth marketing.

Get customer data for future events

Unlike offline ticketing, each online sale will give you information about your customers that you can reuse for your next marketing campaigns (name/first name, email address, age, gender, favorite music types, Facebook Ads audience, etc.). You can thus very easily reconvert your customers for your future events (in a few clicks on infinight).

Saving time and money (printing, points of sale, etc)

Don’t waste time and money with ticket design, printing and distribution in multiple outlets that doesn’t suit your customers. Internet is accessible 24 hours a day and from anywhere.

Reduce waiting time and staff requirements

The switch to e-ticketing saves considerable time at the entrance of your events and requires fewer staff. Indeed, scanning a ticket purchased online takes about 5 seconds, compared to several minutes for the purchase of a ticket on site. So save staff and improve your customers’ experience by reducing queues.

Increase sales

Since the appearance of social networks, event marketing has essentially been done on the Internet. Selling your tickets online allows you to convert a potential customer directly when he or she is interested in your event, when he or she is unlikely to visit a few days / weeks later (different options, decreasing interest, etc.).

Avoid drifts linked to cash

Nearly no more need for cash and change, avoid thefts from cash registers (example: volunteers), get better transparency on your sales !

CRM allowing you to analyze your activity over the long term

Some online ticketing companies (such as infinight) offer their customers integrated CRM, allowing them to obtain databases of their customers and ultra accurate statistics on their sales. An asset to perfect your sales strategies.

Sales in minutes only

Unlike classic tickets, a ticket sold on infinight is created in less than 3 minutes, even from your phone.

Now that you are convinced, understand why infinight ticketing differs from classic ticketing systems

How does infinight stand out from the competition?

Ticketmaster, Eventbrite or Infomaniak, online ticketing solutions are numerous and it is hard to find your way around. Here is a small article to help you understand how our solution differs from traditional offers !
The cheapest solution on the market

Thanks to our almost fully automated ticketing solution, we are able to offer the lowest costs on the market (0 to 2.5% without any registration fees). Unlike all competing offers, our solution does not take a fixed fee on the tickets you sell, which allows you to sell low value tickets (e.g. $10) without being charged a 10% fee because of the fixed fee.

That goes without saying, but our service is completely free for free events!

A complete solution

Our solution does not only consist of ticket sales, it allows you to analyse your customers’ profiles using our machine learning algorithms, send notifications to them before/during/after the event, collect leads for your marketing campaigns, or create promotional offers.

No hidden fees

Unlike some ticket offices, we show you at any time what the fees are and allow you to choose “who pays for what”. For us, transparency is the key.

Feature pack

With our ticketing service you will be able to benefit from other free functionalities such as live streaming, geolocalized or targeted notifications, etc.


No matter the volume of your sales, we offer support by chat, phone and in person! We also offer to accompany you to the entrance for your first events, and this for free!

Not convinced yet? Take a look at our website !