How to sell your tickets online?

This short guide explains the ticket creation process (estimated time: 3 minutes).
Why e-ticketing?

Online ticketing has many advantages, the first of which is to increase sales. You can find the details in our article about it.

Practical Guide

There is nothing simpler than creating a ticket on infinight, here are the few steps to follow :

    1. Connect to the professional area and enter the “ticketing” tab.
    2. Press “create ticket” and choose the event for which you want to create a ticket. If you haven’t created it yet, press the “create event” button and return after completing the event creation process.
    3. Fill in your ticket details and proceed to the next step. Regarding the status of your ticket, it will be available for purchase only if you choose the status “open”.
    4. Fix ticket price, currency and to whom service charges will be passed on.
    5. Check the information and validate the ticket (you can change it at any time after this step) !
    6. The purchased tickets will appear on the “entrance list” page that you will now find in the ticketing tab. You can then refund them in case of cancellation or contact the buyer.
    7. The day of the event, just download our check-in application to manage the entries (check-in application guide).


  • Que means the option “Actively pay by invoice/on the spot” ?
    • If you enable this option, users will be able to book their ticket without paying for it immediately. They will only get them if you approve the payment through the pro space.
  • What is the utility of the option “invoice” ?
    • For classic tickets, it can allow you to organize pre-sales in cash, simply enter the customer’s details and validate the payment immediately once the money is given.
    • It also allows your guests to pay on invoice for large “charity gala” events.For tables, this allows customers to pay on the spot, in case they do not have a credit card.
  • What if my event is cancelled ?
      • No panic, you can reimburse your customers in full in a few clicks from the professional area. If you are experiencing difficulties, just
        contact us


  • What are the statuses “closed” and “hidden”?
    • The hidden status will simply hide your ticket on all purchase platforms, while the closed status will display the ticket without being able to order it.
  • What does “Picatic fee is absorbed by the customer” mean ?
    • If this option is selected, the 2.5% service charge is reflected in the final ticket price for the customer. Therefore, selling tickets online costs you nothing and only makes you save money (paper, time, staff, etc.) and the difference for customers is minimal.


Any more questions? Do not hesitate to contact us by email or by chat !

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