How does infinight stand out from the competition?

Ticketmaster, Eventbrite or Infomaniak, online ticketing solutions are numerous and it is hard to find your way around. Here is a small article to help you understand how our solution differs from traditional offers !
The cheapest solution on the market

Thanks to our almost fully automated ticketing solution, we are able to offer the lowest costs on the market (0 to 2.5% without any registration fees). Unlike all competing offers, our solution does not take a fixed fee on the tickets you sell, which allows you to sell low value tickets (e.g. $10) without being charged a 10% fee because of the fixed fee.

That goes without saying, but our service is completely free for free events!

A complete solution

Our solution does not only consist of ticket sales, it allows you to analyse your customers’ profiles using our machine learning algorithms, send notifications to them before/during/after the event, collect leads for your marketing campaigns, or create promotional offers.

No hidden fees

Unlike some ticket offices, we show you at any time what the fees are and allow you to choose “who pays for what”. For us, transparency is the key.

Feature pack

With our ticketing service you will be able to benefit from other free functionalities such as live streaming, geolocalized or targeted notifications, etc.


No matter the volume of your sales, we offer support by chat, phone and in person! We also offer to accompany you to the entrance for your first events, and this for free!

Not convinced yet? Take a look at our website !

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