Why sell tickets online?

For several years now, most major events have completely or partially migrated their ticketing to an online solution. What are the benefits of selling online? Discover them in this summary !

Online ticket sales essentially allow you to:

Offer a service to your customers

First of all, you have to understand that buying tickets online is a service you provide to your customers. Many people find it more convenient to order their tickets in advance and online. In addition, online ticket sales give a positive image for an event.

Benefit from the advantages of pre-sales

Selling tickets online allows you to make pre-sales for each of your events. Beyond the fact that you could use the money generated before the day of the event, pre-sales can increase the income generated by the fact that ticket holders will convince their friends/family to go to the event, thus creating a mouth-to-mouth marketing.

Get customer data for future events

Unlike offline ticketing, each online sale will give you information about your customers that you can reuse for your next marketing campaigns (name/first name, email address, age, gender, favorite music types, Facebook Ads audience, etc.). You can thus very easily reconvert your customers for your future events (in a few clicks on infinight).

Saving time and money (printing, points of sale, etc)

Don’t waste time and money with ticket design, printing and distribution in multiple outlets that doesn’t suit your customers. Internet is accessible 24 hours a day and from anywhere.

Reduce waiting time and staff requirements

The switch to e-ticketing saves considerable time at the entrance of your events and requires fewer staff. Indeed, scanning a ticket purchased online takes about 5 seconds, compared to several minutes for the purchase of a ticket on site. So save staff and improve your customers’ experience by reducing queues.

Increase sales

Since the appearance of social networks, event marketing has essentially been done on the Internet. Selling your tickets online allows you to convert a potential customer directly when he or she is interested in your event, when he or she is unlikely to visit a few days / weeks later (different options, decreasing interest, etc.).

Avoid drifts linked to cash

Nearly no more need for cash and change, avoid thefts from cash registers (example: volunteers), get better transparency on your sales !

CRM allowing you to analyze your activity over the long term

Some online ticketing companies (such as infinight) offer their customers integrated CRM, allowing them to obtain databases of their customers and ultra accurate statistics on their sales. An asset to perfect your sales strategies.

Sales in minutes only

Unlike classic tickets, a ticket sold on infinight is created in less than 3 minutes, even from your phone.

Now that you are convinced, understand why infinight ticketing differs from classic ticketing systems

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