Sell tables through infinight

Telephone calls falling on the answering machine, unanswered messages or exhaustion of available tables, it is often difficult to book a table in a nightclub. This is how infinight revolutionizes this process!
The concept

The managers of establishments can in a few minutes make available tables for sale, allowing their customers to book in a few clicks from the infinight application, the website or any social network.


To create a table on infinight, just:

  1. Go to the “tables” tab of the professional area,
  2. Select whether the table should be linked to a specific event (ex: showcase) or to the establishment (ex: every Friday).
  3. If the table is not linked to any particular event, its recurrence must be chosen. This will create the table only once for each day/week/month!
  4. Fill in the necessary fields (description, number of people allowed, bottles included, etc.). Please check which day and time you wish to stop the sale! !
  5. Fix the table price and choose if you want to activate the cash payment on the spot. This does not change the infinight charges, but can allow you to reach people who do not have a credit card! You must also choose if the infinight fees (“service fee”) are deferred on the total amount charged to your customer or if you assume it entirely.
  6. Check the information and validate your table !
  7. You will be notified by email in case of reservation, please contact the customer or cancel his reservation (“refund”) if you can not honor the reservation.

We recommend creating recurring tables over a long period of time (for example one year), in order to minimize the time spent on this task.

Feel free to lower prices or make promotional offers on tables sold online. Indeed, they have the same positive effects as tickets sold in pre-sale.

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